3 Unbelievable & Unique Ways to Make Use of Big Red Soda

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Although many people are aware that Dr Pepper is a true Texas classic, they may not realize that Big Red Soda is also native to the Lone Star State. This soda brand might not run with the big dogs in terms of sales figures, but it’s built a solid Texas fan base that sincerely digs its taste. So much so, in fact, that they’ve paid homage to it through the creation of unique ways to make use of Big Red!

1. Big Red Cake

Unbelievably Texan Ways to Make Use of Big Red Soda

Photo: Facebook/Brandy Ellane Garcia

Many Texans are familiar with this moist and delicious baking morsel, and yet still, others are not. If you fall into the latter of the two categories, you might want to ask around for a family-favored recipe! Better yet, search online. There are plenty of websites willing to part with their not-so-secret Big Red Cake ingredient and directions lists.

2. Big Red Hangover Cure or Big Fat Hoax?

Unbelievably Texan Ways to Make Use of Big Red Soda

Photo: Facebook/Big Red

Although a few individuals claim they’ve found the cure-all for over-imbibing in that wonderful red soda, there’s no concrete evidence that Big Red can take away that throbbing pain in your head, the wooziness in your gut, or the lack of vertical-uprightness you seem to have the day after you drink too much. When or if there is, we’ll definitely report on that!

3. Using Big Red to Attract a Big Buck

big red

Photo: Facebook/Ray’s BBQ

A story out of the Waco Today Magazine from the Waco Tribune recognized “…an avid Waco deer hunter who borrowed some of the Big Red fountain syrup to conduct a field experiment. ‘He put cotton balls impregnated with Big Red syrup on some –– but not all –– of his deer feeders,’ Tilghman said. “He found that the feeders with the odor of Big Red would attract more deer. Vanilla is a very popular flavor with both people and creatures,'” the paper quoted.

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