How to Make Whipped Cream in a Mason Jar

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What can’t you do with a mason jar? Mason jar hacks are everywhere right now, and this easy food hack shows you how you can use them to make your own whipped cream. The recipe is way easier than you may think, and this mere 25-second how-to video will prove it.

You only need a few ingredients for this whipped cream recipe (besides a mason jar of course) — 1 cup whipping or heavy cream, 1-2 tbsp powdered sugar and 1-2 drops of vanilla extract.

Start by pouring the 1 cup of heavy cream into the mason jar. Next, add your 1 – 2 drops of vanilla extract on top of the heavy cream. Then, you’ll add in the 1 – 2 tbsp of powdered sugar. Put the lid back on the mason jar and shake vigorously for about 45 seconds … and you’re done!

When you take the lid off of the mason jar, you’ll see that the mix has formed itself into a thick whipped cream ready to eat. Plus, the cream is nicely kept in the mason jar for storing and for serving. It’s as simple as that!

Check out the video by Plated for a visual guide on how to make whipped cream in a mason jar. Pour, shake, enjoy, and repeat!