Making Hot Cocoa Pancakes for an Autumn Breakfast the Kids Will Love

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You can cover them in fruit, smother them in syrup, and stack them high…we’re talking pancakes! Call them flapjacks, call them hotcakes, call them whatever, just don’t call us late for breakfast when you make a batch of them! And, now there’s a new way to make them that just might have you flipping out instead of just flipping a short stack. Have you ever tried making Hot Cocoa Pancakes?

Created by Delishably, Hot Cocoa Pancakes will hit the spot on a cold morning, combining a warm breakfast meal item with chocolate deliciousness. Inspired by her love of hot chocolate and one of her favorite breakfast meal recipes, Heather Rode created the recipe and shared it with the world so we could all enjoy something wonderful for breakfast (or even supper if we’re feeling giddy) that we can cover with mini marshmallows or sprinkle with powdered sugar. This will go great with our syrup from Blackburn’s, Cooper Farms, and The Maple Syrup Lady, all sold right here in Texas!

Hot Cocoa Pancakes

Making Hot Cocoa Pancakes for an Autumn Breakfast the Kids Will Love


Key ingredients for this recipe include:


Hot Cocoa Mix



Baking Powder




Heather at Delishably easily lays out all ingredients, amounts, and steps for making this wonderful and unique creation that lends itself nicely to a tasty, not to mention surprisingly healthy breakfast meal. The love of chocolate leads people to do some interesting things, not the least of which is blending it into successful conglomerations such as this. Enjoy!