Check Out the Fun Process of Making These Mesmerizing Scarves

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Fair warning to all the creative types out there: This video will make you want to travel to Huntington Beach, California to try making your own gorgeous silk scarf at Mayu Silk Art.

Recorded by Insider, this clip doesn’t last nearly long enough to fully take in all of the intricate, yet easy, designs one can make on fabric on their first try. The craft is very beginner friendly, so each person leaves with a stunning final product that they can wear and receive constant compliments on.

The process involves dripping dyes into the water and using different tools to manipulate the colors, which don’t mix, but rather “bend” to make designs you could only dream of drawing. If you’re familiar with water-marbling on nails, this is a very similar process, but it’s actually easier since customers don’t have to worry about the set-up, materials, and clean-up.

Of course, Mayu Silk Art isn’t the only place that allows you to make your own scarf, so keep an eye out for silk scarf marbling at other locations. YouTube user Jeff Kraus uploaded a video of his wife making one at a festival in Georgia (seen here) that shows a more detailed look at the artistic method.