Man Backs Truck Over Car to Keep Family Safe From Enraged Man

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Road rage incidents are incredibly frightening, especially when you have your family with you in the truck. Recently in Florida, an 18-year-old man had to act quickly when 53-year-old Adalberto Aponte came after him, his girlfriend, and his child.

KSAT reports that Aponte was driving his Toyota Camry like a madman. He almost caused several accidents and then began tailing the young man’s Ford F150. At a light, the enraged man got out of his car and punched the young driver through his truck window. His girlfriend bluffed that she had a gun, hoping the man would stop, but instead, he said, “I’ll show you a real gun.” He went back to his car, and the Ford driver knew he had to think fast. He couldn’t move forward due to traffic, so he backed up right on top of the Camry before the angry man could open the door to grab his weapon. says authorities arrested Aponte, and the victims were free to go. From the video footage, it appears that the truck only backed up onto the car with its back driver’s side wheel. It was a way to make a statement without injuring anyone in or around the truck.