Man Caught Using Mannequin to Drive in the HOV Lane

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The HOV (or carpool) lane appears as an elusive and forbidden temptation to drivers who are alone in their cars. During peak traffic hours, HOV lanes are meant to increase efficiency and benefit both single and multiple passenger cars by creating a space for fewer cars with more people to move along quickly. These lanes can look so spacious and free of traffic, and for one solitary California driver, that seemed way too tempting to pass up.

Recently, Brea police pulled a man over for placing an inanimate “human” in his passenger seat in order to drive in the HOV lane. The police officer that discovered the odd scene might not have noticed if the truck hadn’t swerved toward him on his motorcycle. It was only then that the mannequin passenger got too close for comfort to the officer and was rather difficult to ignore.

The driver will pay a fine of at least $481 for driving on the traffic-filled 57 freeway with a fake passenger. He even admitted that this was something he had been doing for some time now, and he regrets bringing attention to himself and his “friend.” Who knows how many other drivers are trying this illegal trick.