A Man Climbed the Trump Tower with Suction Cups

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On Wednesday afternoon at the Trump Tower in New York, rescuers were called to stop a 20-year-old man who was climbing the tower with suction cups.

Rescue crews had to break windows to speak with, and eventually grab, the man to pull him into safety. NYPD Special Ops prepared a cushion in case the climber fell to the ground.

NY1 quoted Vincent Giordano of the NYPD Emergency Services Unit as saying, “The first contact was on the fifth floor above the atrium. We were able to establish a break a vent window and establish some type of dialogue. We then secured three jumper airbags and numerous amount of equipment for a high-angle rescue job. [We] tried to isolate and contain him to a point where we’d give us a tactical advantage to take him into custody.”

Trump Tower is where Trump runs his campaign and lives. Officials found this video of the climber which provides a confusing look into the mind of the man who decided to scale the skyscraper. He was seeking a meeting with Donald Trump himself and appears to be a supporter of his. Even the way the video was filmed feels bizarre as he’s facing a music stand with a script on it while he stands in a corner right next to a door but seems to believe he’s hidden.