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A Man Died in San Antonio River After Getting Stuck in Quicksand

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MySA.com reports that a man passed away in the San Antonio River last summer after becoming trapped in quicksand. This incident went unreported until now, which is odd since this is a very rare occurrence of quicksand in Texas.

The victim was 50-year-old Jose Rey Escobedo. Once he was reported missing, police found his car near Highway 239 in Goliad County where his family says he liked to go swimming. Two Game Wardens searched the area and found his body 350 yards away from his car. It was written in the report that Escobedo was stuck in quicksand to the “bottom of his buttocks” and that “he had expired and fallen face-first over the sandy outcropping.”

It’s not common for humans to become trapped by quicksand, but if someone was very tired they might not be able to get out. “The way to do it is to wriggle your legs around. This creates a space between the legs and the quicksand through which water can flow down to (loosen) the sand. You can get out using this technique, if you do it slowly and progressively,” physics professor Daniel Bonn told National Geographic.

Last year in Texas waters, 114 people, including Escobedo, passed away from drowning.