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Man Passes Away After Falling Over 50 Feet Along the Austin Greenbelt

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On Saturday, a 31-year-old man passed away after falling somewhere between 50 – 100 feet off of a cliff along the Barton Creek greenbelt in Austin. My Statesman reported soon after the accident that around 12:30 p.m. authorities received a call about the fall and first responders were quickly on their way along with an evacuation helicopter. “The STAR flight crew could not hoist the man directly into the helicopter from the greenbelt. Instead, they used a maneuver where they flew him out at skid level, landed and then loaded him,” the initial report reads.

KXAN writes that the incident took place around the 3500 block of South Lamar Boulevard (roughly behind the restaurant Red’s Porch.) The man’s name was Mark Creasy, and tragically, he passed away later 12 hours after his arrival at the University Medical Center Brackenridge.

When My Statesman had to edit their article to reflect the terrible news, they wrote that “the cause of death was blunt trauma and the manner of death was accidental.” His injuries were too severe to survive. No reports are commenting on what exactly happened along the greenbelt, but that area is known to have several tall cliffs.