Man Comes Across Chunk of Gold Worth Around $70K

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Recently in Jamestown, California (near the city of Sonora) Oscar, an amateur gold prospector, discovered a huge chunk of gold in a creek. The nugget weighs about 18 ounces and is as big as a person’s palm! Though it depends on the market, some are saying that the piece could fetch around $70,000.

Oscar knows how precious this piece of gold is, so he’s currently letting his friend keep it in his home in order for Oscar to keep “a low profile.” He’s absolutely thrilled and astonished by his find, which he came across while doing his usual task of panning where people have done so since the 1800s.

If the thought of finding a big chunk or some smaller flakes of gold sounds exciting, you can pan for some beautiful pieces in the Sonora area yourself. After joining forces with a prospecting guide who will show you the way, you’ll only need some instruction, pans, and a sluice box (used to focus on a very specific part of the river and divide riverbed sediments).

But those who hope to strike gold need one thing above all — patience. The process of panning can take hours, but the reward is undeniable.