Man Sets Up a Fruit Stand in Houston’s Third Ward ‘Food Desert’

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At Fruit Life, it’s $5 for a big bowl of fruit for as much as customers can place in a container. Located by the stop sign at Alabama Street and Tierwester Street, Fruit Life is more than a simple fruit stand. The young man who runs it all, Shiheem Wallis, wants to provide nutritious options for the area of town that’s referred to as a “food desert” due to the lack of places to grab a snack or meal.

On his Instagram page, Wallis writes, “Fruit Life strives to be a part in healing the community from the inside out…If you need fruit on the go, DM @fruitlife_official_page your fruit combination and time for pickup, and we will have it ready for you!”

His commitment to his community in the Third Ward in Houston attracted the attention of ABC 13. The news spoke with the young entrepreneur who said, “I don’t do it for the money. I do it for anyone who can get the benefits of this fruit.” Wallis’s work in his spare time has gone viral on Facebook from a photo Ed Pettitt posted that was shared 2,780+ times. Now, business savvy people are offering him advice to get started on his dream of opening up a store.