Disabled Baytown Man Given Replacement Bike From Strangers

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When Baytown resident Keith Easton was six-years-old he was struck by a car. Doctors said he would remain paralyzed and unable to walk or talk. According to The Bull, “Keith proved all those doctors wrong and he has become a local celebrity of sorts and role model for others in Houston area with disabilities.”

KHOU writes that Easton’s preferred mode of transportation was his three-wheel bike. Sadly, someone stole his cycle right after Christmas.

Upset by the event, a friend posted Easton’s story on a local Facebook group, and a few strangers stepped up to order and assemble a new bike, horn, and light for him. Easton’s family said he was overjoyed to see the shiny new red bike waiting for him in the garage.

Easton’s story serves as a great reminder that by coming together as a community, we can right the wrongs done to our friends. Losing bikes to theft is a common issue in the Houston area, like most major cities. There are websites like the Facebook page Stolen Bike Search and the Stolen Bike Recovery database where users can post “lost” ads for their lost possession while maintaining hope that their bike will be returned to them one day.