Man Hit With Hammer While Trying to Stop a Robbery at Texas Mall

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The Helzberg Diamonds store near the food court in The Woodlands Mall fell victim to a robbery earlier this week. The thieves ran toward the store around 11:00 in the morning. One man attempted to black out the security camera with spray paint while the other broke into the jewelry cases and managed to grab enough pieces to total $75,000, according to ABC 13.

While the robbery was taking place, a citizen stepped up to try to stop the criminals. But he was hit in the face with the hammer used to smash the glass. A witness to the incident, Gustavo Orobio, told KPRC, “They hurt his nose. Right here. He was bleeding a little bit.”

After the suspects fled, police followed. The thieves abandoned their vehicle in Oak Ridge North at the intersection of Pine Manor Drive and North Freeway Service Road. Because they were on the run and potentially dangerous, surrounding area schools were put on lockdown until police were done with their search. Unfortunately, the search dogs eventually lost the trail, so they had to abandon the hunt. Now police will need to use surveillance and witness video to find the robbers