Man Hopes to Give Unused Engagement Ring to Struggling Couple

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In 2014, Indianapolis man JP Gold proposed to his girlfriend, and they set a date for the wedding for November 11, 2016. Sadly, the relationship didn’t work out, but Gold held on to the ring until he could figure out what he felt was the right thing to do with the shiny symbol of commitment.

Last week, Gold put up an ad on Craigslist concerning the ring. In the ad, he describes the jewelry as a “7 1.7 ctw trillion cut moissanite ring with a 14k white gold band.” He adds that it’s perfect for those who are ethically opposed to diamonds as his ex was as well.

But instead of asking for the $1,100 that he paid for the engagement ring, he said he would gladly sell it for $550 or “for free to the right couple. If you want the ring for free, I kindly ask that you tell me why you believe you as a couple deserve the ring and how you will stand the test of time by remaining in love and married. Oh, and I want an invite to your wedding. I didn’t get to attend my own, so I want to at least attend yours.”

Gold told ABC that he would really prefer the second option to make for a brilliant conclusion to the story of the moissanite ring.