A GoPro Still Shows One Family’s Amazing Video After a Year Underwater

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YouTube channel Humankind likes to feature uplifting stories that show the goodness in people and how humans are interconnected without even knowing it. In one story, they focus on an adventurous family who loves to visit the beautiful Temperance River in Minnesota. Using a GoPro, Kyle Puelston took video of each of his family members bravely leaping into the water, but after Puelston himself jumps in, he loses the GoPro that quickly sinks to the bottom of the river. Though he searched and searched for the camera full of memories and cool footage, he couldn’t locate it.

So how did Puelston acquire the tape to share with Humankind? A year later, Chris Flores and his brother were snorkeling in the area when they found all sorts of lost objects. “[My brother] found a ring, a pair of sunglasses and a GoPro. I found a skateboard and some construction debris, so I got the good end of the deal,” Flores joked to USA Today.

Amazingly, the GoPro still worked! And after Flores took the camera from his brother, he was able to do some sleuthing to figure out who it originally belonged to. Check out the video below to see how the story unfolds and why Flores found it so important to make sure the memories resurfaced.