Man Gets His Revenge By Waking His Cat Up with a Loud Meow

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Most cat owners know the woe of hearing a “meow” in the middle of the night. Usually it’s followed by another meow, and another slightly louder meow, until the cries have crescendoed enough to get you out of bed. Sometimes kitty wants food, sometimes it wants to play or go outside, and sometimes the cat simply wants you awake for no reason other than they’re bored.

YouTuber Nick T woke up to hear his cat talking about nothing in particular one night, so he decided to get his revenge the next day. He wanted until his cat was fast asleep and perfectly relaxed to sneak up on her and “meow” right in her ear. The cat was absolutely appalled. After briefly showing concern, she settles back down, seeming to know that she was the butt of a joke.

Nick recorded the ordeal and posted it to YouTube on December 3rd. The video already has 4.7 million views! Many cat owners find it hilarious, knowing that the cat is probably planning her revenge for later that night. Some are worried that perhaps the action was a bit mean spirited, but Nick assures viewers that he adores his feline pal, and she wasn’t offended.