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Man Saves Drowning Fawn in Lake Buchanan [VIDEO]

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Earlier this week, a few people visited Lake Buchanan between Burnet and Llano in Central Texas. The group was enjoying the hot summer day out in a boat in the middle of the lake when they saw a fawn.

Strangely and alarmingly, the deer was near the middle of the lake as well, trying desperately to stay afloat. The boaters took action and got the boat close enough so one of them could fetch the scared baby.

One man in the boat filmed as his friend swam up with the deer under his arm. In a particularly sweet moment, the rescuer cooed quietly at the frightened creature.

This was followed by a more humorous moment when the man filming asked, “Are you going to put her on the boat?” The rescuer looked at him with a look of “duh.” Where else was the baby to go?

Once man and deer were safely back in the boat, the baby animal relaxed in his lap while the boaters snapped a few photos. It’s not every day you rescue a drowning animal and then get to hold it while it recuperates!