Man Shows Off Some Crazy Baton Skills While Gardening

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When Patrick Greve uploaded a video titled “Gardening skills” on April 15th, viewers probably couldn’t guess that they were about to be treated to a full baton routine. Instead of showing off how to tend to plants, the subject of this clip has a few tricks up his sleeve (even though he’s only wearing a tank top.) The video has gained over 445,000 views and growing even though it was posted five days ago.

While adjusting (presumedly his) garden fence, the man grabs a metal rod out of the structure and immediately commences a twirling and whirling baton routine. “He would be a dope jedi,” Jordan Provost commented on the video as the fluidity and quickness of the man’s movements would definitely make for some impressive lightsaber (albeit dangerous) moves.

Perhaps the funniest part of the video is when the camera person pans to the right to reveal an onlooker who seems as though he’s seen this gardening-interrupting routine a few times before. Even though he doesn’t look quite as impressed as we are, it’s hard to deny these amazing “gardening skills”!