Man Spreads A Fan’s Ashes Outside of the Stadium at a Cowboys Game

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“If I’m a Cowboy fan and he’s a Cowboy fan, why not?” Kyle Grant told CBS DFW. At a recent game, Grant did his part to fulfill a late Cowboys fan wish by spreading his ashes outside of the stadium. While that may seem a bit odd to some people, the strangest aspect of the story is that Grant did not even know the man. In fact, he wasn’t even aware of his last name at the time he spread his ashes.

The megafan whose ashes were emptied was David Weigand. The news wrote he led a turbulent life as he spent years in prison for a robbery he committed to support his drug habit. His mother, who knows Grant’s mother-in-law, said the only thing that Weigand really enjoyed was watching the Cowboys. He died by suicide in March of last year.

A video of Grant emptying some of Weigand’s ashes onto Cowboys territory was uploaded to YouTube, and even though no one present knew the deceased fan, the spreading of the ashes was a rather sweet event. Grant’s friend, Preston Sams, said a prayer for Weigand before they poured his ashes onto a grassy section outside of AT&T Stadium.