Man Creates Viral Videos By Slicing Things With a Hot Knife

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The Instagram account has acquired over 105,000 followers who enjoy watching practical objects being split into two parts by a hot knife.

Originally, this unusually specific Instagram page was dedicated to pretty images like artistic latte foam, but 16 weeks ago, they tried something a bit different. Using the popular hashtag #oddlysatisfying, Instagram users could find a short video of a Daryl figurine (from “The Walking Dead”) melting from the fire of a torch. Soon, they began melting other objects, like a delicious caramel apple lollipop. The result was mesmerizing.

Melting a Caramel Apple Lollipop ~ #watchitmelt #oddlysatisfying #youtube #ASMR #asmrvideo

A video posted by Watch It Melt ( on

Afterwards, the Instagrammer took it one step further by using a hot knife to melt the products and cut through them simultaneously. This is when really hit their stride. One of the most popular hot knife videos is the halving of an Eos lip balm. It’s been viewed over 2.2 million times!

The account combines the allure of seeing what’s inside common objects along with watching it disintegrate. Sometimes the reverse plays after the cutting video, so viewers get the satisfaction of the object going back to normal.

If the short clips on Instagram aren’t long enough for you, check out their YouTube page as well.