Photo of a Man Walking a Kangaroo in Detroit Goes Viral

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This week, a video uploaded to Snapchat went viral once Twitter user Brionna London tweeted the strange 7 second video. Viewers were just as appalled as the guy who posted the clip to see a man walking a kangaroo on a leash in the middle of a Detroit neighborhood.

While the odd image spread across the internet, local Detroit news networks took notice. Fox 2 discovered that the sight of the leashed kangaroo wasn’t quite as odd as some people would assume. Instead of belonging to a random man that got up one day and decided to buy a kangaroo as a pet, the ‘roo is actually part of a traveling zoo called Exotic Zoo. The owner was taking the animal out for some exercise while it was attending a child’s educational birthday party. says that the kangaroo’s owner, Javon Stacks, states that “his shows help exotic animals ‘come to life’ for kids who may have only seen them in books or on TV.” Of course, not everyone is on board with Stacks’s business now that it’s gained so much attention. “…that harness and lead will not be able to hold that kangaroo back, and is definitely too dangerous for kids to be able to interact with,” Bianca Townsend wrote in reply to the story on Buzzfeed.