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Man Walks from New York City to Austin in 240 Days

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Michael De La Rosa decided eight months ago that he would start a long journey to explore the U.S. while meeting new people and discovering more about himself. Starting in New York City, De La Rosa walked the entire distance to Austin, stopping in major cities like Philadelphia, Atlanta, and New Orleans along the way. After starting on May 24th, De La Rosa completed the 1906 miles in 240 days.

Walks of this nature are about more than covering a long distance. De La Rosa hoped to raise awareness about mental illness by talking about his struggles with depression and communicating with other people he met about their mental battles. On his Facebook page, NucleusBound, he posted some glimpses of his trip and the people he connected with along the way. He explains, “My main objective was to use this journey as an opportunity to meet captivating individuals from all corners of the U.S. and to inspire and be of service to people living with mental disorders.”

According to KXAN, De La Rosa has decided he enjoys Texas’s state capital and could see himself staying. The news reports that he’s looking for an affordable place to live and considering enrolling in school.