Manny the Cat is the Reigning Champ of Selfies…And We’re Jealous

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Taking a selfie is an art form in and of itself (get it: “itself”?) A complicated art form such as this requires the skill and prowess of, well… a cat. A tabby named Manny apparently works to get just the right angle, has an arm’s length that’s perfect for selfies, and the skills to throw in a little humor so we don’t think he’s just vain.

Goooooood Morning! @ your squaddddd ?? #selfiecat #gopro [email protected] #rottweiler

A photo posted by Manny The Selfie Cat (@yoremahm) on

Well, to think he was actually taking the selfies would be silly, but according to his owner, he’s been fascinated with GoPro cameras, and that interest has produced some pretty hilarious concept shots. Manny has more than 47,000 followers on Instagram for his photo fascination skills, and he keeps coming up with better and better shots. While many of us struggle to ensure the light isn’t catching the shine off the single hair that’s growing from our mole, Manny proudly displays his facial hair in his selfies…all 33,010 (give or take a few).

Goooooood Morning! ?? #selfiecat #gopro

A photo posted by Manny The Selfie Cat (@yoremahm) on

To say his following doesn’t necessarily believe that Manny’s taking all of these pictures would belie the selfie concept of course. But it’s still funny to consider that in each post, he manages to get better lighting and contrast for his features than many of us can with even a hundred attempts in a day (and don’t think we haven’t tried the whole “spinning around in our office chair, snapping photos in various lighting…” practice. It doesn’t work!) So here’s to Manny. Long may he reign as a selfie pro, and maybe teach us a thing or two in the process!


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