Say Hello to My Little Manteconchas: The Latest Concha Hybrid

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What are manteconchas? They’re the latest iteration of a food trend sweeping Mexican bakeries throughout the U.S., and bakeries in Texas are no exception (just absolutely exceptional!). This newest pastry passion is a mantecada (a muffin-like sweet treat) and a concha (a round pastry that has a patterned sugar shell).  It’s a pan dulce transformation that requires no further explanation or invitation… Need a napkin to catch that drool yet?!

Say Hello to My Little Manteconchas: The Latest Concha Hybrid

Photo: Facebook/La Panera Panaderia Artesenal

Here in the Lone Star State, you can find manteconchas in practically every region, and with good reason. Artemio Casas, the manager of Panadería Nuevo León in Chicago, says the manteconcha was recently introduced at a bakery in Querétaro, Mexico. Frances Solá-Santiago concurs in an article published at, “Manteconchas are traditional conchas enhanced by mantecadas, a buttery muffin-like bread that originated in the León province in Spain. The viral sensation was created in Querétaro, Mexico, at a 20-year-old bakery called Panadería El Manantial. Meanwhile, Twitter is still debating whether it’s an abomination or a game-changer.”

Say Hello to My Little Manteconchas: The Latest Concha Hybrid

Photo: Facebook/Artisan Bread and More

Get your manteconchas in San Antonio and Houston, among other hot spots popular for this tweak on a traditional pan dulce. The resulting sweet treat is similar in style to a cupcake but topped with the concha buttery-crumble topping. For those of you yet unfamiliar, pan dulce is considered an essential component of Mexican cuisine. It’s creation and enjoyment was often relegated to being a cultural sweet bread that connoisseurs originally had to seek out from specialty shops. Now this amalgamation of wheat and corn flours, combining both Spanish and Indigenous influences, is the talk of the town on social media, and its various permutations and combinations as other trendy treats has some heads spinning!