Map Shows Every U.S. State Flower

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You know the Texas state flower is the Bluebonnet, but do you know the official flowers of other states?

One Redditor has created a colorful map that has all the answers.

On Tuesday, user jymhtysy shared the post, which shows the official flower of every state in the U.S. Click here to enlarge the size and text of the map.



This is a neat map that I wouldn’t mind hanging on my wall. What do you think?

It also has some interesting information I never knew about. For instance, did you know the state flower of Arkansas is the Apple Blossom? Or that Oregon’s official pick is the Oregon Grape? If you did, then pat yourself on the back.

We love our state’s flower, the Bluebonnet. Every spring, the colorful flowers appear in fields and highway medians throughout the state. During the spring, you’ll often see people pull over to take pictures in the fields of Bluebonnets along the road.

Did you know Lady Bird Johnson ordered the planting of Bluebonnets and other wildflowers along highways in the United States as part of the highway beautification act? We’re glad she did!