Mariachi Mariposas: A Revolution in Mariachi Music

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What once was considered a male dominated profession is experiencing a revolution in the way in which Mariachi music is thought of. Founded in the summer of 2012, Mariachi Mariposas has brought together the top female musicians from across the Rio Grande Valley in Texas as shared by their website. They join the ranks of other all-female Mariachi groups making their mark among a long-standing tradition.

With their elegance, charm, and grace resonating throughout each heartfelt song you’re sure to welcome these ladies with open arms to a traditional Mexican past time. “Created in an effort to preserve and promote our Mexican music and Hispanic heritage through the views and musical expression of a female,” shares their Facebook page.

Below is a sampling of a traditional Mother’s day serenade many children send to greet their “Madrecitas en la Mañanita.”  The name of this popular song is called “Las Mañanitas” because it is sung to them in the early morning. It is also a traditional birthday song in Mexico and other Latin American countries that wake up the birthday person early in the morning or sung at a birthday party shares Wikipedia.

As a child, I distinctly remember my grandmother being serenaded several times with this song on Mother’s Day, creating a lasting impression of the beauty of this tradition.

The symbol of their name Mariposas, which means butterfly in English, describes the quintessential of their music perfectly. “The butterfly is a symbol of growth, soul, and hope which best fits the essence of these phenomenal females and their ever-expanding love for music, culture, and life,” shares their website.

Mariachi music in itself is an art form “that dates back to at least 18th century Western Mexico,” shares Wikipedia. These talented women are bringing together a new generation of Mariachi music with their angelic voices and strumming their way into the hearts of thousands with the stroke of each cord in their instruments.

The award-winning Mariachi Mariposas credit several other Mariachi groups for their inspiration along with popular musicians such as Lola Beltran, Aida Cuevas, Rocio Durcal, Amalia Mendoza, Sheila Durcal, Juan Gabriel, Vicente Fernandez, Pedro Fernandez, Nidia Rojas.. to name a few.

To learn more about these talented ladies visit their website at www.mariachimariposas.com and their FB page which includes photos and samplings of their music.