Woman Belts Out Mariachi Songs With the Band at Mi Tierra

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Beatriz Gonzalez has a powerful set of pipes. And while she may not have been recognizable to diners at Mi Tierra before she stood up to sing, she definitely will be now thanks to the video of her serenading audiences going viral on Facebook. writes that the 30-year-old Alamo, Texas resident was in town for the Tejano Music Awards, and one of the mariachi players at the popular San Antonio restaurant guessed she was a singer from her appearance. “I just wanted to sing, it was a little goal of mine that I wanted to fulfill. I’m just so happy that I went viral for something that I love to do, that comes out of my heart, I love my culture and to get that response from people is amazing,” she said.

Gonzalez knows how to project and emote as she begins singing at her table. Then, she decides to stand with the mariachi band to give a full impromptu performance, all while wearing a gorgeous dress, of course. After playing through one traditional song, they start up another to keep the Mi Tierra audience entranced. Watch the video below uploaded at the end of October to hear how her voice fills the room, and how the restaurant responds.