Marine Moved to Tears When He Opens His Christmas Present

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After Peter Coukoulis, 26, returned home from serving in the United States Marine Corps, he found readjusting to civilian life to be emotionally complicated. Like many of our service members, he began suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. writes that Coukoulis’ family was looking for something to alleviate the hardships he was facing. His mother decided to get him a beagle puppy. According to beagle breeder Queens Beagle, this breed of dog acts well as a therapy animal as they’re small in size, easy to train and they tend to not be anxious animals.

In the video posted by Caters Clips, the wrapped up puppy is handed carefully to the marine. The box moves a bit, signaling Coukoulis to open it up quickly. After he pops the top open, he immediately sees a sweet, squirmy puppy inside. Tears well up in his eyes from the adorable sight, and it’s hard for the viewer to not get misty-eyed as well.

His family thoroughly enjoys the warm moment as the puppy with a pink bow on snuggles up around his neck. It’s wonderful to witness the first moment of a beautiful friendship that will last for years.