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Marine Veteran and Bomb-Sniffing Dog He Served With are Reunited in Texas

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After a number of years in the process, U.S. Marine Nick Montez was finally able to bring Mally home. Mally is a nine-year-old bomb-sniffing dog that served with him in Afghanistan. Montez returned to Lewiston, Idaho, on June 26, with Mally in hand, ready to give her the loving home he’s been wanting to provide for five years now.

“She’s still just as sweet as she always was,” he noted to NBCDFW.com. The pair served together in Afghanistan, charged with the task of finding I.E.D.s (improvised explosive devices). After their return to the U.S., they were separated. Montez was honorably discharged from the Marines, however, Mally’s job wasn’t finished yet, and she continued her work at Lackland Air Force Base in the Texas Hill Country. After five years of following up, Montez was finally given approval for her adoption in June.

After having lost hope a number of times in the process, Montez refused to give up. Although the communications with the Air Force base had since ceased, Senator Mike Crapo issued a letter and request on his behalf. Following that, Montez remained in constant contact with Jerry Britt at Lackland Air Force Base. Upon his arrival at the base in San Antonio for the final greeting and pick-up, Montez noted that Britt also seemed touched by this story and the process that ensued. “Jerry met me outside and he just had this big old grin on his face,” Montez said to NBCDFW.com. “It looked like he already started crying.”

Marine Veteran and Bomb-Sniffing Dog He Served With are Reunited in Texas
Photo: Facebook/Military Working Dogs

The first time Montez was even able to see Mally since the adoption request began was when he went upstairs at the base to complete the paperwork. He defined it as a moment that felt surreal. The dog exited the kennel and approached Montez, who dropped to his knees and hugged her. Montez began talking to the dog, who looked at him with an inquisitive stare. Then her tail began wagging.

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