Marshmallow Coffee Cocktail: Caramelized, Sugary Magic in a Glass

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When you think of fall, toasted marshmallows often come to mind. This sweet campfire creation is the stuff that Texas in autumn is made for. But a single toasted marshmallow, albeit perfect in its simplicity, doesn’t necessarily have to be all that you do to enjoy this delicate dessert.

If you’re looking to enjoy all that a roasted, golden marshmallow can do, here’s a recipe you won’t want to pass up. A Marshmallow Coffee Cocktail is the perfect way to combine two of your loves: iced coffee and toasted marshmallows. It’s extra indulgent, which is practically something you dang well deserve following the summer Texas months you’ve probably had, sweltering away, looking for relief, and now finally getting it in the form of more temperate weather. Well, Marla Meridith has the exact treat recipe to pair up with your desire to relax and unwind. It’s like matchmaking, only with sweets!

Marshmallow Coffee Cocktail

Marshmallow Coffee Cocktail: Caramelized, Sugary Magic in a Glass


Key ingredients in this recipe include:

Frozen Coffee Blend (of your choosing: name brand link provided on the Marla Meridith’s website)

Coffee Liqueur



This outstanding recipe including the golden goodness of toasted marshmallows can easily be prepared using Marla Meridith’s instructions. It can also make a tasty treat for the kids if you remove the alcohol content. It’s like caramelized, sugary magic with a buzzy surprise, and you’ll love it!