Maru Remains One of the Finest Cats the Internet has to Offer

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No cat on the planet lives by the motto “If I fit, I sit,” quite like Maru. This Internet-famous feline is well-known for attempting to cram himself in the smallest of containers even though he is rather fluffy and round. Amazingly, famous cat and YouTube channel owner mugumogu has been uploading cute cat videos staring Maru since 2008!

You’re probably among the 14.9 million views of the 2010 video titled strangely, but somehow also poetically translated to, “Many too small boxes and Maru,” where the kitty attempts to sit in increasingly itty bitty boxes. But there are still so many Maru-centric videos for you to enjoy that have been recently made.

In a video from last year, “Maru&Hana21,” we watch as Maru and his cute brown tabby friend, Hana, hang out (of course, sometimes in boxes). And now, in 2017, we can see how the pair’s relationship has evolved. Basically, Hana seems to tolerate Maru’s need to nestle down in the tightest of spaces.

Catch up with Maru and Hana’s adventures in the videos below, and marvel at how their owner somehow never laughs on camera even while his cat seems to be morphing into liquid before his eyes.