Matthew McConaughey Rumored to Star in ‘The Batman,’ Coming in 2021

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One of our favorite Texas stars is in the running to play a role in “The Batman,” which is scheduled to be released in 2021. None other than the award-winning Matthew McConaughey, who has played such notable roles as Ron Woodruff in “Dallas Buyers Club,” and Jake Brigance of “A Time to Kill,” has been one of the actors in the queue to star in the film about the infamous DC Comics fictional hero.

McConaughy, together with actor John David Washington, is in line for the opportunity to be cast in the role of Harvey Dent, Gotham City District Attorney, in the Matt Reeves’ movie “The Batman.” According to press reports, the lawyer-turned-villain has long been believed to be one of the many criminals the caped crusader will defend his city against in. The character is proposed to be featured in this film and go on to make an appearance in the role of Two-Face in a future sequel. For those who aren’t familiar with DC Comics details, Dent’s face becomes horribly altered on the left side during a trial in which mob boss Sal Maroni throws acid on him. His hideous scarring drives him insane, after which he adopts the moniker “Two-Face,” becoming a criminal mastermind who makes his choices based on the flip of a two-headed coin.

Matthew McConaughey Rumored to Star in ‘The Batman,’ Coming in 2021

Photo: Facebook/Matthew McConaughey

If cast in the role of Harvey Dent, the 50-year-old McConaughey will feature alongside of Robert Pattinson, who plays the Dark Knight himself. Having recently been in the press for being a latecomer to the Instagram world of social media, McConaughey has several acting accolades to his name, has been involved in a number of proactive social enterprises, and is presently a professor on the University of Texas faculty.

How do you think McConaughey’s performance will rank up against previous Harvey Dents? He isn’t the first Texan to take on the role. Tommy Lee Jones played Two Face in 1995’s “Batman Forever.”