Mayeaux and Broussard: Texas Group on Track to Industry Recognition

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Pronounced “My-You,” Mayeux and Broussard is an independently recorded Texas country music group making waves in the Lone Star State music scene and beyond. Their self-released albums, “High Times and Good Rhymes,” and “While the Gittin’s Good” have won them fans both in and out-of-state, and their music is helping them tear up the dance floors at all points in between.

Described by Wide Open Country as “…gritty, swampy honky tonk that would make Doug Sahm proud,” their most recent album “High Times and Good Rhymes,” was released in 2015. Featuring such songs as “Can’t Fall off the Floor,” “Rollin’ in My Sweet Baby’s Arms,” and “Stoned and Broke Down,” it’s a great mix of the sound and fury that this act has developed.

“Stoned and Broke Down” is a title off of their latest album. Featured on the Mayeux and Broussard YouTube channel, their country/Americana/blues sounds come through loud and clear, and the fans aren’t missing a beat. Available online at the link provided here, or live at any number of great Texas venues that have booked these guys, you won’t want to let their act slip past your ears any longer if you can help it. Coming to a venue near you, Mayeux and Broussard are on the fast-rising track to industry recognition in the near future.