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Mayor Says that Half of Houston Uber Applicants Have Criminal Record

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As of late, many have been critical of Uber as a company. A lackluster diversity report along with strong allegations of sexism in the workplace have garnered bad publicity, and now, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has something to say about why he keeps butting heads with the company.

“Half the people who are coming to be drivers for Uber have some form of criminal record — one-half the people applying,” Mayor Tuner said.

Though both Mayor Turner and Uber want the company to stay in Houston, Mayor Turner wants to make sure they’re playing by the rules set out by the city, which includes submitting their drivers for FBI fingerprint testing. The ride-sharing company wants the city to change that rule, saying that the FBI database isn’t completely accurate.

Uber public affairs lead Trevor Theunissen told Click2Houston, “We do have a fundamental disagreement on how to keep people safe… We would continue to work with Mayor Turner, but our hope is that a statewide bill will pass this session so that we can stay in Houston.”

They say they don’t know where Mayor Turner got the statistic he stated about Uber applicant’s criminal records, but Mayor Turner maintains that he’s skeptical of the state bill that would abolish required background checks as well as accessibility requirements for the disabled.