McConaughey Saying ‘Alright’ in Chronological Order: Wow!

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Fans of the silver screen and those who love a good online laugh all know that Texas star Matthew McConaughey says the word “alright” a lot. You don’t even have to own a TV to know this. Memes have brought life to pop culture like no other, and the McConaughey meme where he utters this word from his car in “Dazed and Confused” has made the rounds and then some. Dissecting his penchant for the use of the word, however, is what’s behind this popular YouTube video clip by Owenergy. According to their video post, they captured “Every time Matthew McConaughey has said ‘Alright’ in McChronological Order from ‘Dazed and Confused’ to ‘The Dark Tower.’”

A channel generally dedicated to the number of times actor Owen Wilson says the word “wow” (among other things,) Owenergy took the time to determine how many times McConaughey says “alright” almost in comparison to their protagonist’s catchphrase, and guess who McWins, hands-down!

Having just over 671K views at the time this article was published, the viewer comments reflecting the comparison between Wilson’s “wow” and McConaughey’s “alright” received the most likes and replies in the comment list below it. Also a Texas son, Wilson has had a number of film roles to his credit, varying from voicing characters to playing a variety of drama, action, and comedic characters. Domestically alone, his films are known to gross over $2.25 billion. In comparison, McConaughey appeared to earn his bread and butter through romantic and action comedies. However, not wanting to be typecast, he’s worked hard to garner roles that were more complex and dramatic – a process which critic Rachel Syme coined as “The McConnaisance.” (You can see how his name lends itself nicely to easy McCatch phrases!)

Either way, the comparison between “alright” and “wow” appears to be no contest. McConaughey is cited as saying “alright” more than 200 times in his films ( did the math). Whatever the word or catchphrase, if you’re a fan of his, you’ll most definitely watch the video from start to finish. It’s alright. When asked for a comment, Owen Wilson had this to say: “Wow.” No, not really.