McConaughey & Fallon Solid ‘Gold’ in Kid Theater

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Known for many a laugh, Jimmy Fallon and “The Tonight Show” on NBC feature a segment they like to call, “Kid Theater.” It’s a portion of the show where elementary school kids are randomly given a title (no direction) and asked to come up with the script for a play. In this instance, Matthew McConaughey is Jimmy’s guest star, and the two of them act out scenes written by kids whose topic was simply, “gold.”

In riveting fashion, the Texas-born son lends his Lone Star leading thespian skills to Fallon’s hilarious efforts in acting out their respective roles. In trying to convey the sincerity and emotion each kid wrote into their characters and storylines, the guys even go as far as using voices and accents, (see: “Quacky the duck.”) With all the right effort, sentiment, and senses of humor their skit hit viral levels on The Tonight Show’s YouTube channel, presently reaching more than 12 million views (and we’re sure their rugged good looks had nothing to do with it!)

Even going as far as performing a “golden beans” dance, their skits won the applause of the audience and (we’re sure) the favor of their script-writers. All elementary school students were accredited for their work prior to each reading, although we’re not sure they would have been awake to catch the live version! Thank goodness for YouTube, and for the sharing of a good sense of humor.