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Matthew McConaughey is Hank The Cowdog in New Podcast

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Legends of Texas come in many forms. Beloved in their own special ways, they make up a significant portion of the mythology our state holds so dearly. When two legends team up, especially when it’s beneficial to readers young and old, it’s certainly a newsworthy event. And here it is! Hank The Cowdog, subject of over 70 printed books and many audiobooks, can now be heard through the famous Texas drawl of Matthew McConaughey via podcast.

For those who are unfamiliar, Hank The Cowdog stories are centered on the self-declared “Head of Ranch Security.” These humorous stories typically revolve around Hank’s entanglement with various mysteries and shenanigans that occur on the Texas Panhandle cattle ranch where Hank lives. He interacts with his forever sidekick Drover, plus a diverse cast of characters. Humans and animals all have roles in the series, including the rancher family, a “cow cat,” two buzzards, and an owl with a rattlesnake bodyguard.

Hear the podcast episodes at this link!

Matthew McConaughey is Hank The Cowdog in New Podcast

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McConaughey voices Hank in the podcast adaptation of the family books by John R. Erickson. Other recognizable voices include fantastic actors such as Cynthia Erivo, Kirsten Dunst, Leslie Jordan, Jesse Plemons, Joel Edgerton, Scoot McNairy, and the author. The season entails five episodes and officially launched on September 14th. Available from QCODE on Apple Podcasts and everywhere podcasts can be heard, the series also features original musical numbers. Additionally, the podcast, which can be enjoyed by the whole family, has partnered with Texas’s The National Ranching Heritage in Lubbock on an educational curriculum.

Carve out some time as a family to listen to this fun podcast! The Hank The Cowdog series has received critical acclaim and multiple awards. The books have sold more than ten million copies worldwide, with publications in languages such as Spanish, Danish, Persian, and Chinese. Games, recipes, and a club are all part of the adventure!