McDonald’s Gives Away Bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce

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On Thursday, McDonald’s gave away 10,000 bottles of their famous Big Mac Special Sauce. According to Fox 32, once participating locations were announced, customers were encouraged to visit the stores and say the code phrase, “there’s a Big Mac for that,” to receive a free bottle.

Fox 59 reports that the generous release of the secret sauce is meant to promote the new Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac, two different sizes of one of America’s favorite fast food staples.

Some people claim that the Big Mac sauce is more or less thousand island dressing. But McDonald’s spokeswoman Becca Hary wrote in a statement, “The Big Mac Sauce is unique to McDonald’s and includes a classic combination of ingredients. The Big Mac Sauce remains timeless and customers around the world continue to enjoy its signature taste.” agrees that the sauce is more than just thousand island, though not by too much. They say that in order to make a duplicate of the sauce, more sweet pickle relish flavor is needed. Of course, the nostalgic taste of a burger many people grew up eating can never be fully duplicated!

If you missed out on your chance to grab a free one, there are already numerous bottles for sale on eBay…for around $100.