This McDonald’s Employee Will Have You Grinning From Ear to Ear

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“Choccy shake! Don’t mind if I diddly-do!” a McDonald’s employee in a drive-thru outside of London replied after a customer ordered a chocolate shake. This cheeky employee had a quick wit and cute comeback for everything the customer ordered, and since he is something of a legend in the area, the family at the drive-thru had the camera rolling to catch their interaction.

According to the Daily Star, the video originally went viral in August last year when it was posted to Facebook by the LAD Bible, but it’s making the rounds once again via a post from ODDSbible, an offshoot of LAD. It’s reached over 5.3 million views and nearly 34K shares. When the clever employee was told he was an internet sensation he said he didn’t even realize he was being filmed.

Commenters on the video love his spunky attitude and wish he worked at their local Mickey D’s. ‪Josh Stainsby‪ writes, “Love stuff like this- he’s managed to make something that can be crappy for the employee and the customer fun and he’s just having a laugh and making the best of it- probably makes plenty of people’s day‬.”

Now, who’s ready for a choccy shake?