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Fort Worth Doctors Want to See McDonald’s Location Inside Their Hospital Removed

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A group of doctors at the John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas have joined together to protest the existence of a McDonald’s inside of their hospital. Working alongside the Washington D.C. nonprofit, The Physicians Committee, they’re hoping that others will join their cause by seeing signs in city buses that read, “Your heart’s not lovin’ those cheeseburgers. Ask your local hospital to go #FastFoodFree!” followed by a link to their website, www.MakeHospitalsHealthy.org.

WFAA explains that the McDonald’s location inside of the hospital has a contract ending in 2019, so the doctors wish to knock out the McDonald’s and promote healthier choices inside of their own cafeteria.

In the Facebook comments section of WFAA’s article concerning the McDonald’s protest, Fort Worth residents had a lot to say on the matter. Lura Cheyne Upchurch wrote, “People choose what they put in their mouths. Additionally, McDonald’s actually has many healthier choices as well as being more affordable.” Others agreed that adults should be able to make their own choices as to what they eat, and some people even said the presence of comfort food in the hospital wasn’t such a bad thing when they had stressful situations to deal with, especially since it’s often the visitors, not the patients, who visit the hospital eateries.