Meat Loaf: Making Unparalleled Moves on Stage and Screen for Fans of All Genres

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Marvin Lee Aday, otherwise known as Meat Loaf, was born in Dallas, Texas in 1947. Graduating from Thomas Jefferson High School in 1965, Aday was already dabbling in acting through school productions, and after attending Lubbock Christian College, he transferred to the University of North Texas (formerly known as North Texas State University). His early life wasn’t exactly easy, and according to his bio details, he left Dallas on a flight to Los Angeles following a short period of isolation he went through after his mother passed away. This was where he would take his first serious steps in the music industry.

Forming his first band called “Meat Loaf Soul,” Aday and his bandmates opened for Van Morrison, Taj Mahal, Janis Joplin, The Who, The Grateful Dead, and so many others. Following this, he went on to stage roles, film productions, and major singing successes, continuing to play relevant roles in current television series as well as films. His most recent effort is starring opposite Vincent D’Onofrio and Kim Coates in a show entitled “Ghost Wars,” set to release on Netflix in the U.S. later this year. A paranormal action series which has recently been filming in Vancouver, BC, Canada, the show’s setting is an isolated town in Alaska where a local outcast is overcoming his own demons while also battling those in the town, saving their populace from a pending invasion.

Shared on the AXS TV YouTube Channel, this excerpt from “The Big Interview” with Dan Rather shares personal stage anxieties that Meat Loaf has, details about the one song he doesn’t like singing, and his passion for acting. His successes far outweigh the personal pressures he puts on himself to do everything perfectly, and as a singer, actor, and multi-talented industry professional, he continues to make impressive moves on stage and on the silver screen. Watch for “Ghost Wars” from the Scyfy network airing on Netflix this year, and for Meat Loaf’s coming performances we’re sure will continue to be unforgettable.



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