New Medication Released to Help Dogs Fight Cancer

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Newly approved by the FDA, Tanovea-CA1 is being called a groundbreaking drug that could help many dogs fight off lymphoma. Statistics show that one in four canines will develop cancer, and lymphoma is known as the most common form. Lymphoma starts by attacking organs that aid the immune system (including lymph nodes.) This new drug will be able to attack cancer cells using a substance called rabacfosadine.

KHOU writes that the drug was originally meant for human patients, but after it was tested on pets, it never progressed to human testing. They write that one dog, a golden retriever named Dane, went from being unable to stand to feeling much better in five months.

The FDA says that Tanovea comes in a concentrated form, so it’s given via an IV f30-minuteute treatments. Owners must be extra cautious with their dogs and cleaning up after them since they’re dealing with a body processing an anti-cancer drug. Of course, there are some noted side-effects as well, such as “decreased white blood cell count, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased or loss of appetite, weight loss, decreased activity level, and skin problems (hair loss, sores, and scabs).”

Tanovea-CA1 will be available across the nation in the springtime.