Meet a Hill Country Author: John Quiñones

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“What would you do?” A question which can embark change to any situation depending on the response given. What would you do, for instance, if you had the opportunity to make a difference in this world? Broadcast Journalist and Host of ABC’S Primetime show, “What Would You Do?” Mr. John Quiñones poses these questions to viewers through various scenarios on his show. The responses are a remarkable portrayal of real life scenes that play out in our everyday lives.

Meet a Hill Country Author: John Quiñones


Growing up in San Antonio, Mr. Quiñones says in his book, “What Would You Do?” that he spent much of his time dreaming. When he wasn’t working his two part-time jobs to help his parents, one of which was shining shoes on the streets of downtown San Antonio, he would dream.

“I was a very curious and adventurous character, I would always fantasize about someday traveling the world, meeting fascinating people and telling their stories,” said Mr. Quiñones. Today his dreams are a reality. “I have witnessed firsthand both the good and bad people can do to each other. As a reporter, I have challenged evildoing and celebrated heroes,” says Quiñones. Having recently met Mr. Quiñones I was curious to know what inspired his show.

“What Would You Do?” was an idea that became a reality from Mr. Quiñones’ mother Maria. “She is solely responsible for planting those What Would You Do? Ideas in my young, curious brain,” said Quiñones in his book. “I would like to think that her concern for fellow human beings rubbed off on her son-the kid who dreamed of becoming a journalist.”

With that idea firmly planted in Quiñones, he shared how the show came to play after he read an article in a column for the New York Times called the “Ethicist.”

“The writer talked about what you would do if you saw a nanny at a park not taking care of the child,” said Quiñones. “The nanny is ignoring the child and how do you tell the parents?” This was the inspiration for the beginning of many true to life scenarios played out on “What Would You Do?” which in turn inspire us to make a choice in those moments of impact we come across.

Meet a Hill Country Author: John Quiñones

Photo: Sonia Ramirez

Over the course of this year, Mr. Quiñones has been making a difference across various college campuses he has been visiting and making impacting speeches to our youth about the importance of education and following your dreams. His motivation behind these tours is how he remembers what it was like for him.

“No one believed in me, except one teacher and his mother,” said Quiñones. “We came from a really tough background and when I see these students I see myself in anyone who has struggled and I simply want to impart the belief that if I could make it, this kid who didn’t even speak English could make it to national television anything is possible.”

As the Holiday season approaches I pose the question “What Will You Do?” if you have the chance to make a difference with your concern, your kindness. That split second decision could make a lifetime change for someone looking for hope.