Meet the Man Celebrating Oilfield Workers in the Heart of Texas

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Bob Callender is a West Texas native who now focuses on celebrating the hard work of the men who make the country run: oilfield workers deep in the heart of Texas.

Working in the oilfield isn’t for the faint of heart and every day, strong men and women put their lives on the line and often go unnoticed. Bob Callender is working to change that, and his interview with the Texas Country Reporter below showcases his respect for these men and women.

From Midland, his gallery is probably one of the only galleries devoted to the oil and gas industry in the world. His eye for strong lines and colors led him to start taking notice of the oil rigs as far as his eye could see. This is where his art began, capturing the majestic beauty of an oil field at sunset, or an oilfield worker against the backdrop of a summer lightning storm.

As his website references, he works closely with many oil and gas companies across the state and is truly creating masterpieces out of an overlooked industry. The way he represents the machinery and the workers themselves is incredible and reminds us to be thankful.