Megafan Covers His Body in Cowboys Tattoos

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“I bleed blue and silver. You know? I bleed Dallas Cowboys… literally,” Raymond Ortiz told CBS DFW. This superfan isn’t kidding. Ortiz recently got a large chest tattoo showing his devotion for his home team.

Ortiz picked a wonderfully talented artist to work with on the chest piece. Edgar Chavez of Ink House Tattoos in Irving is a master of portrait tattoos and using black and gray ink. He told the news that he thinks Ortiz’s tattoo is a great way for him to express himself. “It’s something that represents him,” he said.

The chest piece includes a depiction of the Dallas skyline between newcomer players Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott. There’s even a representation of Prescott’s mom in the swirling clouds above him. The piece feels personal and fanatical at the same time.

But this isn’t Ortiz’s only Cowboys related tattoo. He showed CBS DFW that he also has portraits of “head coach Jason Garrett and owner Jerry Jones” drawn permanently on his body.

Ortiz says that he hopes his ink is appreciated even after his death. “When I pass away…I want to get stuffed. I don’t want these tattoos to go, you feeling me?” he said with a grin.