Everyone Has A Story, Even You! Take a Memoir Writing Workshop This Summer

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You’ve probably heard it said, “everyone has a story.” From the adventure-filled to the starkly ordinary, all of us have stories to tell about our lives and our experiences. A memoir (which is French for memory), is a collection of memories that an individual writes, based on their own experiences. If you’ve ever thought about finally sitting down to commit your memoir to paper (or technology), check out the Memoir Writing Workshop that will be held in Kerrville on Monday evenings in July and August. Led by Kerrville resident Justin Rogers, the workshop aims to help people pursue their dream of writing a memoir by educating them on the genre as well as the craft of writing.

The Difference Between a Memoir and Autobiography

Memoir Autobiography

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First things first: make sure that you know the difference between an autobiography and a memoir. Reader’s Digest reminds us that an autobiography is, “the story of an entire life, but a memoir is just one story from that life.” Maybe you’ve fought in a war; perhaps you’ve fought an internal battle. Traumatic life experiences aside, all of us have had funny or meaningful things happen that make for interesting storytelling. By sharing your life’s experiences, you’re able to entertain, educate or maybe even change the life of the reader. That said, many memoirs are never even published or read by others. As the famous novelist Stephen King once said, “I write to find out what I think.” So, the mere act of writing about one’s life can prove to be healing and cathartic…no publication necessary.

Training for Memoir Writing

Memoir Writing

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When embarking on any writing project, it’s important to “flex” your writing muscles. Good writers know that the more they write, the better they get. This isn’t the time to worry too much about spelling, punctuation, or correct word use–let the thoughts flow and see where they take you. Consider setting a daily word-count goal. You might find that your stories pour from you in no time.

Hill Country Arts Foundation


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The Memoir Writing Workshop begins on Monday, July 23 at the Hill Country Arts Foundation’s Duncan-McAshan’s Visual Arts Center in Kerrville. The cost for the workshop begins at $130. Workshop instructor Justin Rogers says, “I like to think of memoir writing with the writer as a kind of archeologist both in terms of their own memories and feelings but also of the people they write about and the past they are remembering. Memoir writing is, at once, incredibly personal but also aware of itself as a constructed narrative.”

To learn more and to register for the Memoir Writing Workshop, call the HCAF at (830) 367-5120.