Men Arrested After Stealing $40K Worth of Budweiser Beer

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Right before the Super Bowl, five men managed to steal around $40,000 worth of Budweiser beer from Silver Eagle Distributors in Pasadena, southeast of Houston, where they were employed. KHOU spoke to police about the story.

The men transferred the cases of beer from the distribution truck to a smaller van they intended on selling the product out of. The trade-off was caught on film where the men can be seen hurrying the cases across vehicles and even dropping some Coronas onto the ground.

Sergeant Frank Quinn of HPD’s Major Offenders Division told KHOU, “Unfortunately internal theft is a part of life. There’s no loyalty to companies like there used to be.”

Police arrested the five men, and they’ve all been released from jail at this time. The news reports that they probably were able to sell all of the beer they took in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

KHOU Facebook commenters found the story perplexing for two main reasons. Some wonder how the beer added up to $40K while others jokingly took aim at Budweiser’s beer itself. “That’s water, that doesn’t count, LOL, still, not good to be taking something that’s not yours (for those that don’t get the joke),” Sandra Scioneaux wrote.