Surveillance Camera Captures Thief’s Failed Attempt to Steal Statue

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Tony Maples Photography


It must be painfully embarrassing to fail at a crime as stupid and simple as stealing a lawn statue, especially if the owners catch the botched attempt on video that is handed to police and released to the public instantly propelling the thieves to internet fame.

On July 22, two thieves in a blue Dodge Magnum pulled up to the 4700 block of Grainger Trail in the Park Glen addition of Fort Worth. Unknown to the thieves, the residential property had a surveillance camera set up which caught the crime both on audio and video.

The driver successfully managed to get one statue picked up and thrown into the backseat before ducking back into the car. The other man struggled with his statue never quite managing to pick it up. After dropping it, he gave up on trying to haul the small heavy lion statue into the vehicle. At least one statue got to remain at its rightful home.

The Fort Worth Police Department loaded the video online in the hopes that they would gain more information about the thieves, but they couldn’t help but add a humorous caption as well. The caption reads, “One suspect wasn’t even strong enough to steal his ‘item’ #hitthegym, #hernia, #backbrace.”

Why anyone would want to steal these statues is another matter altogether.