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Mental Health Care Set to Expand in Hays County

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As more and more people discover the charm of the Texas Hill Country, more and more people decide to make it their permanent home. Hays County and the town of Dripping Springs, for example, have exploded in population over the last several years. Often times, businesses and community services are slower to catch up to the increasing needs of their growing resident base.

Services for healthcare, especially that of mental health, always seem in short supply even in established communities. However, good news comes out of Southwest Austin and Dripping Springs today with a press release from Dripping Springs Healthcare (DSHC) announcing the grand opening of its outpatient psychiatric services on July 5, 2016, at the Medical Towers of Sawyer Ranch in Dripping Springs. Additionally, in an effort to bridge the current gap in service, the company is welcoming new patients to its Austin satellite offices.

According to the press release, Hays County is designated a “medically underserved area,” meaning there is a shortage of medical providers for the population. Currently, only one psychiatric healthcare provider exists for every 1,200 residents in Hays County even though the county makes up part of the fourth largest metropolitan area in Texas.  With the opening of the DSHC Dripping Springs location, mental health services in the area will increase by twenty percent.

DSHC founder and owner David Walsh says it’s the depth of experience in treating behavioral health as well as addiction as the family and community diseases they are that sets his company apart. Dripping Springs Healthcare uses a model that blends holistic nursing care with medical science, incorporating a mindful mix of diet, exercise, lifestyle, and thought pattern modification.

The newest offices of Dripping Springs Healthcare will be located at 13830 Sawyer Ranch Road, Dripping Springs, Texas. For more information, contact David Walsh by phone at (512) 853-0777 or via email at [email protected]

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