Merle Haggard’s Sons Pay Him Tribute in Moving Performance

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“The Hag,” as many of his fans knew him, left an indelible impression on country music listeners throughout the world. You knew what he stood for, and he was never afraid to sing about it. Who better to remember at the close of this year than this country gentleman? And who better to pay tribute to him in the best way possible than his own sons?

It was during a special featuring their father on “Country’s Family Reunion” that Marty, Noel, and Ben Haggard paid tribute to their dad in a song. The man who sang such memorable tunes as “Someone Told My Story in a Song,” in fact had one sung about his own self. It was touching and equally fitting, as the boys paid tribute to blue-collar American fans – the very backbone of their father’s group of listeners.

The song “Workin’ Man Blues” was released in 1969 and quickly climbed the charts in numerous countries, becoming almost an anthem for the droves of men (and many women) who could relate. Played at almost every one of his performances since its release, the song spoke to many in a way that only Merle Haggard could epitomize. Haggard’s sons performed a version that left the live audience breathless, bringing the song, and his memory, to life effortlessly. If you were any sort of Haggard fan before, bless you. If you weren’t, take a listen to this video, even with your eyes closed. You nearly get the chills (the good kind)!

Over the course of this wonderful tribute, Haggard’s sons honor their dad in a way that leaves your toes tapping, your mind running about the shows you may have seen him in, and the things that he believed in. He passed away in April of this year from a bout of double pneumonia, leaving a hole in the industry that many have said can never be filled.

Merle Haggard’s Sons Pay Him Tribute in Moving Performance
Photo: Facebook/Rex Allen Jr 

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